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Steel belt flange automatic welding machine
I. structural system
1. The frame is made of 45#100 square steel and steel plate;
2. Applicable to the butt welding of round flanges with a thickness of 1.0-4.0mm carbon steel belt;
3. Suitable for welding of various flanges with the maximum 50*40mm of the inner diameter of 150-2000mm;
4. The equipment volume is approximately L1100*W1000* H1800mm;
5. Equipment design weight is about 800KG;
6. The process is divided into left - right pressing - welding - completion.
2. Transmission system
1. Maximum total power of equipment 100KW;
2. 6-8kg gas source drive;
3. Cooling of water cooling system;
Operating system
1.LED panel control, foot switch operation, point action function;
2. Microcomputer control system and memory function;
3. Operation speed 3-6 seconds/one;
Four, other
1. Attached cooling water pump;

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